3 Player Catching/Throwing Drill (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

Print3 Player Catching/Throwing Drill


Improve skills in properly catching thrown balls with proper footwork plus increasing arm strength and accuracy. Increasing of infielder’s overall quickness in making the transfer from catch to throw.


What's Needed

  • Group(s) of 3 players with gloves
  • Softballs
  • A flat outfield area (multiple groups can be safely done in parallel, side by side, allowing for common sense protective spacing between all)



3 repetitions of 2-3 minutes rotating so all 3 players assume the solo end of the drill

  • Rep #1 – 1/2 speed
  • Rep #2 - 3/4 speed
  • Rep #3 – game speed
  • Rep #4 advanced option (faster than game speed-being laser focused on accuracy)


How the Drill Works

Position two players side by side in parallel about 10 or so feet apart. Add another player 20 to 30 feet in front of the first two players to form a triangle. For an optional 2nd or even 3rd group, form another triangle of players in reverse order to optimize space.

free softball drill three player V


Player #1 throws a strike to player #2. Player #2 catches & throws a strike back to player #1. Player #1 catches & throws a strike to player #3. Player #3 catches & throws a strike back to player #1. Now keep it going!


Softball Coaching Tips

  • It’s all about focus! Throws are directed to each player, straight, strong, accurate and chest high. Feet must move so player’s bodies are behind the incoming ball and are quickly getting into a good throwing position. The ball should transfer quickly from glove to throwing position.
  • Drill speeds only increase as players show success.
  • Try and match similarly skilled players to encourage your less skilled while not boring your more skilled athletes.
  • Once players get the hang of it, use your voice to encourage and correct in real-time without stopping the drill. Using shorter throwing distances will encourage the all-important quickness needed when players transfer the ball from glove to throw. Use distances that are age-appropriate. I prefer less than the distance between bases of the player's age level! It's about quality repetitions. Crisp, accurate throws to help build confidence and arm strength.
  • (I like shorter distances as players really pick up the pace & get more quality reps)!



Try ground balls thrown sidearm from player #1 to players #2 & 3 where players catch and then throw strikes chest high back to player #1!


Why this Drill Works

  • Standard pregame infield with lines of players at all positions is fine but tends to leave too many players standing around watching while waiting their turn. This V drill actively involves all three players to the point that they should break a sweat by the time you finish.
  • The idea is for players to get many quality repetitions while properly catching, transferring ball to glove, and delivering a strong, hard throw chest high while placing the body in perfect throwing position.