Sprinting Game (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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This drill is for conditioning and control.

Player set-up A catcher stands between first and second base with a discard bucket.

The rest of the team stands between third base and home with gloves.

Ball set-up Place three balls on the first baseline, spacing them a few feet apart.

Do the same on the second baseline.

Place 5 balls in the center of the field, vertically between catcher and player.

Drill This drill should be run one player at a time.

The player sprints to any ball on the field, and throws it to the catcher. (If the throw is not good, the ball is replaced by another player for a second try.)

They then sprint back to where they started, and go after another ball.

This goes on until all of the balls are in the bucket.

This drill should be tiring, and should be run at a sprint. Time the players if they need motivation. The other players on the team should be cheering on the runner.