Bunting Defence (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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Get everyone in motion early and keep them moving. 

This drill will get infielders charging harder on bunts and throwing on the fly. 

First and third charge hard towards the plate. 

Short and second charge hard to cover the corners. 

Line forms at 2nd and short.

Bunter (catcher) chooses either side to place the bunt. 

Bunt is fielded by the nearest 'charger' and thrown to opposite corner (first baseman throws to third base, third baseman to first base.)  Both 'chargers' sprint to the end of the lines at 2nd and short.

Players that covered the corners position themselves to charge the next bunt.

Ball caught (at 1st or 3rd ) is returned to the bunter (catcher) Variations:  As soon as bunt heads down one line, the other (unused) charger breaks to second early to take a relay throw from the corner. 

The catcher puts two balls in play at same time - one down each line. 

Same set-up can be used to practice 'same base' plays - i.e., first baseman throws back to first, third baseman to third. 

Incorporate batting practice by using a pitcher and a live bunter.