Four Corners (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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 4 Corners Drill

Players are located at 3B fielding position, 2B (on bag), 1B (on bag) and at catcher.

All other players are lined up at 3B coaching box.

Coach hits ground ball to 3B who throws to 2B who throws to 1B who throws to catcher.

After they throw, the player then sprints to the position she threw to.

The next player in line then assumes 3B and the drill starts over.

When everyone has been through I then place the players at 1B and the drill goes from 1B to 2B to 3B to catcher.

This drill provides a quick warm-up, works on fielding ground balls, throwing accuracy, and pivoting to make the next throw.

This is a great drill to begin each practice.