Shin Guard Shuffle (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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Purpose: Catchers need to think of themselves as a banana; the gear is just an outer layer of skin. These drills focus on getting acquainted to the equipment, footwork, hand-eye coordination, endurance and quickness. Softball Catchers have develop themselves physically aside from skills.

Procedure: The drills have full catcher’s gear for each person and balls. For indoor work wear wrestling knee-pads instead of shin guards.Have two catchers face each other while standing in a circle. Use the baskettball tip-of circle when indoors. While wearing full equipment(no mitts;mask is optional) shuffle around the circle while playing underhand catch with the ball and listening for verbal instructions. The toss should refect most of the commands(see below). Attempt to frame every toss. Even the catcher without the ball should perform each command. After each skill, continue on playing catch

Verbal commands include:
Left: Rotate to the left
Right: Rotate to the right
Up: Simulate a pop-up
Down: simulate a block in the dirt
throw: Simulate a toss to second base
Push-up: Do an actual push-up
Sit-up: Do an actual sit-up
Jog: Run in place.