The Stride (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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 The Stride

* Teaching proper techniques requires a lot of repetition and a lot of patience.
*The key is the hips lead the hands, and the stride (pre and post) is the instrument that ignites the lower body and allows the hips to explode to the ball. 
* A short, compact stride to a closed front foot starts the swing, the back then rotates, whipping the hips toward the closed front foot.
* This lower body action triggers the hands and thrusts the entire body  into the ball in a controlled powerful motion.
* It is important that the back hip and hands stay inside the ball and stay together.
1. Plumb Bob Take a balanced stance. Hold the bat by the nub at your belly button and let it dangle between your front and back leg. Trigger and take your step. If the bat moves forward with your step, you are committing to early. If the bat remains stationary, you are fine.

2. Shadow Drill Take a balanced stance with the sun behind you. You will cast a shadow. Place a softball on the head of your shadow. Trigger and take your stride. If the shadow of your head moves forward of the ball, you are committing too early.

3. Chair Drill Take a balanced stance with your back leg touching a chair. Trigger and take your stride. If your back leg comes away from the chair, you are committing too early.