Pickle Game (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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Place two bases 40-60 ft. apart.
Only three people are needed.
One at each base and one to be the runner.

I would recommend using tennis balls to avoid getting hurt.
The fielder with the ball should begin at the bag opposite the runner.

Starting with his foot on the bag, the runner gets a 3-5 sec. lead toward the base in front of them.

After they have touched the first base and gets a start back to the other base the fielder they just ran from throws the ball to the other fielder to try and tag the runner out.

If the ball gets past the fielder or they drop it, the runner can turn around after touching that base and run back to the other.

The runner would just go back and forth as many times they can until they get into a pickle.

If the fielder catches the ball, they can run the runner back to the base like a real pickle situation in a game.

The runner can not get credit for this base because they didn't touch the other base, yet.