Rundown Practice (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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Keep the ball ahead of the runner - always run straight at the runner regardless of where you start on the field, the most likely tag area is 3-4 strides from the previous bag. 

Keep the ball in view & hold your arm steady - hand up by your head, lots of white showing, no fakes. (Minimum ball movement will actually make the runner less certain of your intentions.). 

Make a short-arm, snap throw. - a wrist shot straight to the glove. 

Throw beside, not across - The receiver should present a good target on the throwing arm side for the player with the ball, never throw across the runner's path. 

Don't block the base path unless you have the ball - as soon as you've made a relay, sprint forward to the base you just threw at to let your back-up fielder get a good view for the next throw.

This is a good practice drill - You can keep it going for several relays but in game conditions you want to keep a rundown to 1 or 2 throws max.