3 Fly Drill - turn and sprint (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

Print3 Fly Drill - turn and sprint

Start with all outfielders in a line. 

First fielder moves 50' out. First in line tosses a pop-up far enough beyond fielder to force her to turn and sprint.

Underhand toss is more accurate than a fungo. 

On first cycle, ball is caught and dropped, then a second then third ball is lobbed - each one farther out, to either left or right.

Emphasis on over-the-shoulder catches. 

On second cycle: each ball is caught and thrown to a cut-off player.

The next lob starts as soon as fielder has released throw - no time wasted.

Emphasis here is first on clean catch, then on finding bearings for accurate throw.  

Player rotation should be cut-off to fielder, fielder to back of tosser line. 

More players can be run through this drill by dividing the team into groups of 3.