"That Game" (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

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(The team loves this game!! It’s a nice change of pace.) We have called this drill "that game" because my daughter and I don't have a name for it.

You split your team into 3 teams it works well with 12 players and 2 coaches.

The first team goes to the outfield, the second team plays the infield and third other team is up to bat. One coach pitches and one catches, you can also use the tee if you only have one coach, he/she needs to play catcher, or you can play pitcher and catcher after the ball has been hit.

The pitcher pitches 3 pitches and the batter hits the ball and has to run all the bases, the team who touches the ball first has to field the ball and pass the ball under their legs until the ball has been passed to every girls on their team and the last girl has to throw the ball to the catcher before the batter/runner makes it home. The throw home has to be a good throw and the coach 
receiving the throw home can stand on home plate and can stretch to catch the ball but can’t leave the plate.

If the ball arrives before the runner then the home team has one out--three outs and they go to the outfield and the infield team is up to bat, the kicker is that the pitcher can pitch as soon as a batter is up to the plate with a helmet on so if your team was just at bat you better be running to position yourself in the outfield.

We end up with girls not even taking their helmets off, but they also learn teamwork, they have each others gloves ready for their teammates on their way to the field and they usually have the girl with the best arm line up at the end of the line to assure a good throw home.

Coaches beware, this game has just pooped me out, especially when you are playing pitcher and catcher!!!! Oh yah, the batter only gets 3 pitches, if she doesn't hit a fair ball after 3 she is out. And no bunting.