Upper Body Throwing (Guelph Minor Softball Association)

PrintUpper Body Throwing

Purpose:  To practice driving the glove and ball back to the ear during the transition. To drill reinforces the correct arm action of a catcher. Softball Catchers have several skills to master and throwing to second is one of them

Procedure: Partners stand 40 to 70 feet apart, have one softball per partner. With toes pointing straight ahead, face one another. Throw the ball to your partner without moving your feet.  Just rotate the upper body so that your shoulders line up with the target, and throw. Your partner will catch the ball with two hands and, using the glove, will drive the ball into the bare hand, back and up to the right ear. The glove should push back in a direct route with no arm circle. He will continue this action by throwing the ball back to you.

You may use this drill regularly, for short, intense periods.